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As history outlines, our ancestors paved the way for our future. Super natural powers were sought after and depended on for the survival our our civilizations. For generations our ancestors kept the faith and kept the message for the future to inherit. 

Pachamama, the known goddess of Mother Nature, prayed to by the ancient INCA civilization as their agricultural needs were depended on by Pachamama. Still today celebrated on August 1st as per the Incan calendar. 

Pachamama continues to deliver the same today through its supernatural powers that continue to bring fruits to our world. Today, we at Pachamama, continue the mandate of passing information down to the next generation, forever preserving the information along with is natural form.

The Cannabis Plant today has become a dichotomy of contradictions in our generation and we are positioned today in South Africa to be that source of information and merchandise that can set this plant free from his long prohibition sentences. After the September 18th 2018, South Africans have been once again allowed to engage with Cannabis following a decriminalization effort from the State, empowering a private citizen his/her rights with this plant.

Today Pachamama focuses its efforts to oursource top quality merchandise and offer services supporting the interest in Cannabis, for the sole purpose to educate and inform any person intersted. Offering a range of merchandise that preserves the heritage and history of this plant.

Pachamama strives to service the end user with a well informed customer support enabling a seamless experience with us. So drop us a contact, even to say hello.

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A Premium Courier Service is offered providing Speedy and Effective Delivery. Our 100% Delivery Rate is guaranteed!!

Pachamama works closely with a local SA courier, providing fast and reliable delivery services. Orders that are placed and paid before 2pm, will be dispatched the same day and all packages are delivered in a discreet fashion and. Confidentiality is primary when it comes to clients items and any sensitive information entrusted to us is kept sensitive. A speed service delivery the following day that goes directly to your doorstep from our counter. For delivery addresses, Pachamama and its courier can not accept PO Boxes as shipping addresses and payments can be done by EFT Transfer, cash deposit. Ensure that you use your Order Ref Number as a reference and send proof of payment to info@pachamamaseeds.co.za.

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