ConCourt upholds ruling for legalizing Cannabis for Private use at Home

18 September 2018 marks a special day for South African Cannabis users, the day that the Constitutional Court handed down its ruling to Legalize Cannabis for Personal use at Home | Grow and Consume.

The Constitutional Court has found that the ban on the private use and cultivation of cannabis is unconstitutional.

Above the very popular 420, could 918 become a meaningful mark for South Africans?

What happens now?

The court accepted medical studies that showed alcohol caused more harm than dagga and that there was little data to show that criminalizing dagga reduced harmful use.

Parliament has two years to amend the relevant laws. In the meantime‚ the court specified it has granted interim relief that allows personal use at home.

Justice Raymond Zondo said he took into account international law allowing the private use of cannabis at home.


In the meantime we can all enjoy our cannabis cultivation and consumption in the privacy of our homes, legally.

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3 thoughts on “ConCourt upholds ruling for legalizing Cannabis for Private use at Home

  1. The laws still state that it is illegal to smoke and will only change within the next two years. So is it illegal or legal ?

    1. Hi Slow Boat!
      Yesterday, the ConCourt had ruled in favor of decriminalizing the private use of Cannabis. Growing Cannabis at home and consuming it at home is now 100% legal. You cannot consume it in public or outside of your private property.
      You are allowed to have it in your possession as well (Up to 115g).
      What happens in the next 24Months is that the ANC now needs to determine what amounts are legal. How much you can grow, how much you can have on your person, how much you can stock at home, etc.
      Hope this helps!

      1. Excellent news then.

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