Pachamama Seeds Collection is a unique collector set of Cannabis genetics that have been designed by some of the top genetic farmers, out of the World’s genetic breeding hub, Spain. 

The Collection was chosen specifically to incorporate a wide range of classic original strains from the early movements in the 80’s/90’s. Strains that benchmarked the breeding culture of today. Which were all selected based on variation of plant type to its ranges of phenotypes. Putting together Pachamama Seed Collection.

Pachamama Seeds Collection, is a range of first generation cannabis genetics. This range of Pachamama merchandise is designed to educate the customers and more importantly to preserve the genetics. 

Our Collection is packaged specifically for anyone to be able to collect one or all genetics, allowing for long term preservation of it. Giving our customers a tangible collectors item to go along with all other collectible merchandise from Pachamama. Our intention is to make this opportunity available to all of interest in learning more about genetics and their composition of it.

Collect them all and own the Pachamama Seed Collection!!!